For New Users-What is VR Trip?

'VR Trip' refers to a virtual trip in which visitors can view tourist spots photographed with a 360-degree video camera, as well as other spots recommended by guides, on a PC or VR headset.

VR images shot in 360 degrees are completely different from flat images in terms of their range of visibility.

In VR footage, all of the scenery from the top, bottom, left, and right can be viewed in a single video, just as if you were standing there and looking around.


After you experience VR Trip with a VR headset, you'll be so surprised that you find yourself wondering what all the virtual trips you participated in via a flat computer monitor were. 


              Comparing VR Trip With Those Viewed     Through a Computer Monitor

  • The feeling of immersion is different
    It is as if you are really in that place

  • The value of the experience is different
    You participate in 360 degrees, so it feels as if you have actually been there

  • The sense of realism is different
    The feeling of approaching things is the same as in real life

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