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 Travel DX's 'DOKODEMO Door Trip'

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What's new this week 

New videos of VR tours scheduled to be held from guides from around the world have arrived!

【Costa Rica/Ostional】
The miracle landscape!
World's largest Alibada (collective spawning of sea turtles)


Sea turtles usually inhabit the ocean, but every year, the females return to the sandy beach where they were born and spawn collectively. Costa Rica's Ostional is one such nesting site. Look forward to the world's largest Alibada tour!!

Surrounded by cows and Indians
Experience listening to ethnic music


You can sit at the center of cows and Indians singing in ethnic costumes and listen to ethnic music. Enjoy a valuable experience that you can't enjoy in everyday life!

Balloon flight at dawn


A tour where you can experience the pre-dawn flight in Cappadocia, which is world famous for its hot air balloon. You can truly experience the feeling of riding a balloon while overlooking the odd rocks created by nature at 360 degrees. You can enjoy the feeling of becoming a crew.


I wonder where else we can go!


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