*Reservation site's domain name has changed from 23, November 2021.


(Old URL)  https://youconnect.jp

(New URL)  https://dokodemodoors.com/


Please use the new URL, since there may be an error if you make an account or make an reservation from the old URL.

Frequently Asked Questions

​■About reservations

Can I make a reservation from my smartphone or tablet?

Yes. You can also make reservations from your smartphone (both android smartphones and iPhones) or tablet.

※The booking pages are created to be properly displayed in "Google Chrome (Google Chrome)".

Some browsers, such as Safari and Firefox, may not be displayed properly.

​■About how to participate

-How can I access the tour link if I join the tour via Oculus Quest2 ?

Please check the explanatory video⇒ From here

You can join a tour by following the steps below.

(1) Open Browser from Apps in Oculus Quest2

(2) Search for https://dokodemodoors.com/ using the keyboard

(3) When DOKODEMO Door opens, select a language and log in

(4) Click on "My Page"

(5) Select "DOKODEMO Door Trip"

(6) The scheduled tours will be displayed

(7) You can join the tour by clicking "Enter Room"

-When I joined the tour via PC, I was asked to log in to the system, so I created an account and logged in. Do I need to create another account when I join via Oculus Quest2 in the future?

No, you don't.

The account you create can be used for both PC and Oculus Quest 2 tours.

​■During the tour

-The translation is strange. What should I do?

・User speech needs to be recognized accurately in order for the system to generate the appropriate translation. We recommend that you speak as "slowly and clearly" as possible in order for the system to accurately recognize your speech.

・Also, if you use an external microphone, it will be easifr the the system to recognize your speech.


・If the translation is still strange, please press the reload button on the tour screen or press the reload button on Google chrome.
If the translation system does not work properly even after trying the above two methods, please restart the PC/Oculus Quest 2.

-How can I check the remaining battery on the Oculus Quest 2 when I'm in VR ?

Pressing the Oculus button on the right-hand controller displays the home bar , where you can check the remaining battery power.

-How can I take photos and videos on the Oculus Quest 2 when I'm in VR?

Pressing the Oculus button on the right-hand controller displays the home bar. If you select "Share"" from the home bar, a large menu screen will appear. You can take a video or picture by selecting "Record" or "Take a picture".

-What should I do if I get VR sickness when I am in VR on the Oculus Quest2?

You can return to the flat screen by selecting the reload button on the screen or by pressing the menu button on the left-hand controller.

You can enjoy the tour even on a flat screen, as the video rotates when you aim at a part of the flat screen with the right hand controller, press the trigger button, and move it left and right.

-Why did the footage on Oculus Quest 2 tour seem coarser than that of the PC tour?

When the screen size gets bigger, the image quality can look rough if the image resolution remains the same. For example, it is the same principle as when a picture drawn on A4 paper is enlarged and copied to A2 size and the picture quality becomes rough.

-What should I do if a malfunction occurs during the tour?

Please click the "?" button at the top right of the tour screen to check the manual for when a malfunction occurs.


​■About cancellation

How do I cancel the tour I applied for?

Please check the explanation video⇒ From here

You can cancel via the procedure below


1. Check your reserved tours on My Page

2. Click on "DOKODEMO Door Trip"

3. Any tours which have been reserved will be displayed. Click on "Details"

4. A "Reserved" notice will appear at the bottom of the page

5.Confirm the date, time and tour destination, and click "Cancel"

​■About the refund system

Please tell me about the refund system.​

We have a refund system for those who are not satisfied with our service.

We have offer two different types of refund.

1. Limited type


In this case, the number of permissible refunds is limited.

If you are unsatisfied with a tour you participated in, please submit a refund request form from here and state the reason.

We will give you a full refund for the tour in question. (Please note that if you do not state the reason for your dissatisfaction, we cannot refund you.)

Also, if the network connection is unstable despite the required line speed (a constant downlink speed of 20Mbps or higher) being met, please submit a refund request form from here, and we will issue a refund.

In the above case, please attach proof that the line speed was more than 20Mbps (please make sure we can verify the date, time, and speed) to the form.

Refunds will be issued up to two times, and guests who receive a second refund will not be allowed to use the service for one year afterwards.​

2.Unlimited type


"Unlimited refunds" will be issued in cases where you were unable to join the tour due to problems with the guide or system.

If the criteria below are applicable, please submit a refund request form from here.
We will issue a full refund for the tour in question. (Please be sure to state what happened and on which tour.)


【Grounds for unlimited refunds】
①The guide does not appear at the tour (no show) at the designate tour time
② Your voice is not transmitted to others even if the page is refreshed three times in a row.